Honorable Teaching Staff and Dear Students,

Ankara University  is a universal represents its corporate identity in the field of social sciences at the level of excellence in the national and international sciences and with its academic units unique to its country with its unique scientific sciences and its branches of education giving graduate education and training, and has a visionary academic structure that our country needs/hears in the field of higher education. In this context, our University attaches extraordinary value and importance to the Graduate Schools which play a priori role in the development of science production, quality and internationalization of our country and in the creation of competition power in the world of science, where interdisciplinary studies are carried on and our country needs researchers.

At present, enrolled in the 277 programs, the number of graduate students 5168 and the number of doctoral students 3267 are totally 8435 Turkish, and also 776 foreign students, which has 473 registered to master’s degree programs and 303 registered to doctoral programs.

The GSoSS is not only a big thematic structure, but also has 5 of the 13 basic fields (Philology, Fine Arts, Law, Theology and Social Studies, Humanities and Administrative Sciences)  by the Higher Education Council for Associate Professorship and which constitute different fields of interest, orientation and specialization, is a large academic unit.

In this respect, the GSoSS offers a unique scientific structure for the researchers who will work in this area with the quality of education staff, the richness and diversity of postgraduate programs, the collection of writing works with extraordinary prescription, the libraries and laboratories, it is also the center of global and regional studies with seven research centers (African Studies, Asia-Pacific Studies, Eurasia, Russia and Eastern Europe Studies, Southeast Europe Studies, North American Studies, Latin American Studies and Middle East Studies) operating within the institution. The GSoSS has entered into the 35th anniversary with the educational period we are in, with its graduate education programs and experienced academic staff who have many subfields that constitute the subject portfolies of social sciences and have potential to be transformed into interdisciplinary structures.

We are celebrating 2017-2018 academic year of our beloved students with all of our faculty members and staff who provide venerable contributions to the development of the field of Social Sciences.