The mission of GSoSS is to develop scientists to contribute to science and practice in various fields of social sciences by providing competencies and skills necessary to conduct high-quality research that has the potential to contribute to universal knowledge as well as social policies in Turkey. Supporting the career development of our students is our primary responsibility. We are proud of our students embracing this mission.

GSoSS’s basic strategies to achieve the vision are to increase:

  1. Institutionalization
  2. Internationalization
  3. Increase the intellectual contributions and stimulations of the academic studies carried out within the institution at the national and international level
  4. Dissemination of research output to the national and international community

In this context, the objectives defined by the GSoSS in the next five years, covering 2018-2023 (GSoSS 18-23) respectively



Professional Management with Contemporary Technology in Graduate Student Application and Registration and Education-Training Services,

Constantly Renewed Announcements and GSoSS’s Web Site Design and Information Updates,

Announcement of our programs at National and International level,

Informative Meetings,

Standardized Resident Advisor (RAP) policy,

Making the Ph.D. dissertations prepared in the GSoSS within the scope of Research University valuable,


Project Collaborations at National and International Level,

Participation to the Horizon 2020 Innovative Education Networks Program for Ph.D. students,

Assessment of Erasmus + opportunities and internship programs and active participation,

Participation to the exchange programs of graduate students in scientific cooperation agreements of Ankara University with foreign Universities,


Academic Meetings, Seminars and Certificate Programs,

Annual (Fall and Spring) Workshops,

Encouraging the participation of our students in educational programs abroad and summer schools,


Participation in Congress and Conference events,

The publication of successful post-graduate theses, in particular the Electronic Doctorate (E-Doc),

Applying to Ph.D. Awards with National and International Projects