The Graduate School of Social Sciences (GSoSS) was established as an institution affiliated to the Ankara University in 1983.

Celebrating its 38th year, GSoSS has 35 departments in the Faculty of Languages, History and Geography, Faculty of Political Sciences, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Divinity and State Conservatory, which entered the field of Social Sciences such as European Union and International Economic Relations, Religion Culture and Ethics Information, Human Resources Management, Gender Studies, Social Environmental Sciences, Global and Regional Studies, Economic and Financial Analysis, Human Rights, Latin American Studies, Intellectual Property Rights-Technology Politics and Innovation Management, Human Relations, Water Policy and Security, Science and Society Studies ,The Migration Studies, Turkish Sign Language and Deaf Studies, Media And Communication Studies, Maritime, Transport Law and Politics and Military History, with a total of 51 Department and the Musical Instrument Training and Performing Arts Sub-Department are provided.

According to the data of 2021-22 academic year, the GSoSS has 112 thesis programs and also 2 thesis secondary education program, 17 non-thesis programs, 16 non-thesis secondary education programs and 2 non-thesis distance education programs, and a total of 138 doctoral programs including 101 doctoral and 37 integrated doctoral programs.