The discipline of Hittitology examines the original written documents of Hittites (tablets, seals, monuments, stelae, etc.), who for the first time established a powerful political union in Anatolia in the second millennium B.C., uniting various different communities, and lasting until ca. 700 B.C. The aim of this discipline is to throw light to the Hittite period of Anatolia by the study transliteration, translation with comments of the written sources in cuneiform script and hieroglyphics. In our graduate program, we have courses on “Old Hittite Period Documents, Old Hittite Archives, Various Mythological Texts”. In our PhD program, we have courses on “Hittite History and Chronology, Hittite Temple Texts”.

Academic Staff

Prof.Dr.Yasemin ARIKAN

Tel : (+ 90 312) 310 32 80 / 1128

e-mail: ysoysal@humanity.ankara.edu.tr

Latın Language And Lıterature

The postgraduate programmes in the department of Latin Language and Literature consist of the master’s degree and the doctorate degree programmes.  The programmes require knowledge of Latin language; in case of need, students are able to acquire the required knowlegde and skills by attending the one-year scientific preparatory program.

In the compulsory courses of the postgraduate programmes, selective passages of Latin prose and poetry writers are translated into Turkish and interpreted. The purposes of our programmes are to deepen students’ knowledge of the language, literature, art, archaeology, religion, philosophy and history of ancient Rome and to give them the opportunity to make preparation for their future thesis subject.

Academic Staff:

Prof. Dr. Ümit Fafo Telatar

Tel.: 312 310 3280-1293

E-mail: telatar@humanity.ankara.edu.tr


Sub-department of Sumerology is a philological branch that is placing in the Department of Ancient Languages and Cultures, Faculty of Letters, Ankara University. In this department, miscellaneous race’s cultures and languages that occurred in Anatolia and Mesopotamia regions dates from ± 3300 to 0 BC. are being researched. Basic subjects which are like invention of cuneiform characters, historical changes of these characters and usages of cuneiform writing systems, are also researched in this department. Especially, Old Assyrian writing system and language, which is the beginning of Anatolian historical scene named Old Assyrian Colonial Trading Period, are studied with original resources in detail.


Akademik Kadro (Academic Staff)

Prof. Dr. İrfan Albayrak

Tel.: 312 310 3280-1174

E-mail: ialbayrak@ankara.edu.tr


Greek Language and Literature

In Graduate Program of Greek Language and Literature Department aims to make the students translate and analyze the prominent pieces of the most important works of Ancient Greek literature, in the fields of epic, history, philosophy, tragedy and comedy. By making these translations, is examined the socio-cultural, economic and political structure of Ancient Greek society to give the meaning and comment the Greek texts with inside the historical perspective. By this way students make research using ancient and modern sources and produce a elaborated dissertation. In our master programme we have “Important Problems of Anatolian History in the Hellenistic-Roman Period III/IV, Introduction to Philology I/II, Epigraphica Graeca III/IV and Poetry I/II” courses. In our doctorate programme we have “Researchers on Advanced Philology I/II, Important Problems of Anatolian History in the Hellenistic-Roman Period V/VI, Advanced Poetry Research I/II and Epigraphica Graeca V/VI” courses.


Academic Staff

Prof. Dr. Sıdkı İsa Bülent İPLİKÇİOĞLU

Tel : (+ 90 312) 310 32 80 / 1103

e-mail: biplikcioglu@ankara.edu.tr