About the Programme

In the Globalization era, it is not possible to analyze the multidimensional problems in different geographies of the world as a domestic or only international problem. In today’s world where the relations between global, regional and national problems are intricate, specific academic/intellectual equipment is also insufficient. In order to respond to developments in today’s global world, the Global and Regional Studies Master Program has a trans-disciplinary perspective. The program is designed for professionals who have the tendency to follow the global/regional/national agenda with their intellectual know-how.


Academıc Staff

Prof.Dr. Çınar ÖZEN

Tel:   (0 312) 595 12 84
Eposta:   kuresel@politics.ankara.edu.tr , kuresel.bolgesel@gmail.com
Web Sitesi:   http://kuresel.politics.ankara.edu.tr/