Water Policy and Security Department, which runs two graduate programs was established within the framework of the protocol signed between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey and Ankara University in 2014:

  • Su Politikaları ve Güvenliği Graduate Program (in Turkish)
  • Water Policy and Security Graduate Program


It is only possible to enable economic development, environmental protection and access to safe water by providing water with adequate quality and quantity. Institutional arrangements on water allocation and scientific research on water management are essential for sustainable water policies. The inter-disciplinary Master of Arts Programs (with thesis) on “Water Policy and Security and Su Politikaları ve Güvenliği” aim to develop the theoretical and practical aspects of water management and policies. The most important contribution of the Programs will be the availability of synthesized information gained from research results and data in various disciplines for the public and private sector decision and policy-makers. The inter-disciplinary graduate programs, will focus on engaging social sciences, natural sciences, legal institutions and stakeholders and provide them synthesized and analyzed knowledge.


The objective of the programs are to train students with necessary information and knowledge in order to contribute to sustainable water management and policies. The programs aim to bring together research teams from various disciplines, conduct interdisciplinary research and build up partnerships among policy makers, water professionals, academicians and students. The programs, also aim to educate future leaders on water policies and security issues and target to meet the needs of Turkish institutes human resources. The programs also aim to educate students with an interdisciplinary approach on local, regional, national and international dimensions of water management issues and provide innovative solutions and implementation skills.


The academic members of the graduate programs under the Department of Water Policy and Security are given below: 

Academic Staff Department
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gökşen ÇAPAR

(Head of the Department)

Water Management Institute
Prof. Dr. Nesrin ALGAN Department of Political Science and Public Administration
Prof. Dr. Nevzat ARTIK Department of Food Engineering
Prof. Dr. Mehmet ÇELİK Department of Geological Engineering
Prof. Dr. İhsan ÇİÇEK Department of Geography
Prof. Dr. A. Nilsun DEMİR Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture
Prof. Dr. Mutlu YILMAZ Department of Geography
Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Olgu AYDIN Department of Geography


The academic members who contributed to the department:

Academic Staff Department
Prof. Dr. Tayfun ÇINAR Department of Political Science and Public Administration (First Department Head, 2015-2016)
Prof. Dr. Süleyman KODAL Department of Agricultural Structures and Irrigation
Prof. Dr. Y. Ersoy YILDIRIM Department of Agricultural Structures and Irrigation
Prof. Dr. Erdem DENK Department of International Relations
Prof. Dr. Hakan YİĞİTBAŞIOĞLU Department of Geography