About the Programme

In order to ensure the increase in capacity determined under the Intellectual Property Law Chapter which is one of the most important chapters in the accession to European Union, implementation of international agreements regarding intellectual property to which Turkey is a party and most importantly to make Turkey one of the countries which protect intellectual property rights effectively, it is aimed to contribute to the necessary educational infrastructure.

Department of Intellectual Property Law, Technology Policies and Innovation Management was formed for the purpose of ensuring sustainability of production of information in the field of intellectual property, training scholars by means of master’s and Ph.D. programs and therefore filling the gap for experts in this field.

Two groups of master’s programs are conducted within the scope of Department of Intellectual Property Law, Technology Policies and Innovation Management:

Intellectual Property Law, Technology Policies and Innovation Management Evening Education Master’s Program is designed to ensure participation of particularly students who are working. In this program there are various lectures both on law and other topics of social sciences. Students improve their basic knowledge which are obtained in undergraduate studies, and develop interdisciplinary approach about solving problems by using methods of social sciences. They can determine the problems on implementation, develops new approaches, and guides governmental bodies and legislators. They use and disseminate the information obtained.

Intellectual Property Law (English) With-Thesis/Non-Thesis/Non-Thesis Evening Education Master’s Programs was launched to contribute to the expertise in IP law in Turkey as well as in neighbour countries in collaboration with Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TURKPATENT) and World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) which is one of the specialised agencies of United Nations. Within the framework of syllabus, some courses are designed to be offered with the support of distance learning facilities of WIPO by WIPO experts and program is designed to be offered completely in English to ensure the participation of international students which are funded by WIPO and TURKPATENT which will in turn facilitate the international character of the program.