About Program

Public relations graduate programme offers courses such as public relations, publicity, political communication, marketing management, advertising, image management, media, women studies. Through these courses, programme aims to develop broad academic research knowledge in the specialization fields of the students.


The objective of the program is to train experts of science who are able to make use of theoretical and practical knowledge requiring specialization, achieve awareness of interdisciplinary interaction about the subject field, develop a unique research design, acknowledge, define and find solutions to the main issues of the field, evaluate data and skills about the field with a critical view.

Summary of Program Outcomes

Based on the qualifications of public relations programs, graduates can develop and deepen theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of communication and public relations (PR) in the level of proficiency and create unique ideas. Graduates can create relations between various disciplines related to the field of communication and PR, and its subfields; reach original resolutions in analysis, synthesis and evaluation of new and complicated ideas by using professional knowledge.

Academic Staff

Prof. Dr. Nuran Yıldız

Prof. Dr. Sema Yıldırım Becerikli

Prof. Dr. Fatih Keskin

Doç. Dr. Melike Aktaş

Doç. Dr. B. Pınar Özdemir

Doç. Dr. Halise Karaaslan Şanlı

Doç. Dr. Aslı Yağmurlu Dara

Doç. Dr. Deniz Sezgin

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Jale Özata Dirlikyapan