About the Programme


In this program, the notion of gender is approached in the context of its relations with economy-politics, sociology, theology, law, culture, literature, art, media, political science, history, positive sciences and other disciplines.


The program aims at explaining the notion of gender and passing along the knowledge about gender inequalities, body politics and historical development on gender relations in the field of economy-politics. Interrogating of the notion of gender and unfolding violations stemmed from any kind of discrimination with a specific focus on sexual discrimination are aimed.


The program informs about the notion of gender. It creates awareness on gender-based inequalities. It also contributes to make policies about forming gender relations on egalitarian grounds.

(Employment Opportunities)

The program creates human resources for organizations, official and non-official institutions   which tackles with policies on gender relations, family and population. It also trains academicians qualified for academic studies on those topics.

TMCF (Turkey Masters’ Degree Competence Framework)

Re-regulating gender relations and forming an egalitarian approach in law, politics, body politics, economy, etc. on this subject yield importance for our country. One of the most important goals of the program is to provide academic support on gender equality to the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, institutions within municipalities that work on gender equality, and other independent organizations. Given that this program is one of the very few that give graduate education on these topics, it contributes to the development of this field of study.

Department Contact Information:

Head of Department of Women’s Studies

Prof. Dr. Güzin YAMANER

0 (312) 316 60 00 / 1178

Research assistant

Doctor Bünyem Siynem Ezgi SARITAŞ

0312 595 14 25

US Department Secretary of Women’s Studies


0312 320 55 95

0312 319 77 14/5209

0312 363 59 04

Adress: Cebeci kampüsü, İletişim Fakültesi, 3. Kat KASAUM Odası


Academic Staff

Prof. Dr. Güzin YAMANER

Prof. Dr. Nahide BOZKURT

Prof. Dr. Ruken ÖZTÜRK

Prof. Dr. Berna ARDA

Prof. Dr. Gülriz UYGUR

Prof. Dr. Elif Ekin AKŞİT

Assoc. Prof. Emel MEMİŞ

Assoc. Prof. Tuğba TAŞ

faculty member Esra SARIOĞLU

Res. Asst. Bünyem Ezgi SARITAŞ

Res. Asst. Nadire ÖZDEMİR