About the Programme


In the Department of Caucasian Languages and Cultures that is within the structure of Ankara University Social Sciences Institute, MA, PhD and Joint PhD programs are conducted in the field of Armenian Language and Culture.

The first time that students were admitted to the Master’s Program of Armenian Language and Culture was 2001-2002 Academic Year. The PhD program was opened in 2009-2010 Academic Year. Postgraduate program of Armenian Language and Culture, taking students to the Joint Ph.D. Program as of Academic Year of 2017-2018, is one of the fields that are prioritised by the Council of Higher Education: Students enrolled in PhD and Joint Ph.D. programs of Armenian Language and Culture can benefit from 100/2000 CoHe Doctoral Scholarship.

Nowadays, postgraduate education is not only a program of interest for individuals aiming at academic career, but also a point of interest for the wider masses. The Armenian Language and Culture postgraduate programs, prepared with the awareness of this transformation, also allow interdisciplinary studies. The primary objective of the postgraduate programs of Armenian Language and Culture is to educate qualified experts and academicians who are able to think critically and analytically and have the ability to approach objectively, gain armenologist that Turkey needs.


Academic Staff

Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Birsen KARACA

Phone: 0312 310 3280/1548



Prof. Dr. Birsen KARACA

Res. Assist. Dr. Doğanay ERYILMAZ

Res. Assist. Gülsün YILMAZ GÖKKİS

Res. Assist. Fatma Jale Gül ÇORUK

Res. Assist. Hande DOLUNAY

Foreign Lecturer Ani SARUKHANYAN